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Topsy Turvy Tea - Small Pack


Topsy turvy, round and round, down is up and up is down, but never shall you see a frown whenever there is cake around! Be sure that your tea party is just such a place and that you serve the scrumptious delight on one of our dessert plates. Do so, and you’ll be hailed as the king or queen of all the hearts at your party. Our small pack also includes our sturdy reusable flatware, cups that were made for wee children (or anyone else who has chosen to option to become small), and beverage-size napkins. (serves 8)


Small 7" Dessert Plates (Set of 8)
Small 5" Beverage Napkins (Set of 16)
9oz. Paper Cups (Set of 8)
Flatware Set of Forks, Knives and Spoons (Set of 24, 8 each)

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