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The Ladies - Large Pack


If you enjoy garden picnics as much as ladybugs do, then grab a blanket, fill a basket with your favorite yummy treats, and let our lady bug party large pack take care of the rest. Once you’ve picked out a nice shady spot, you’ll be able to enjoy your summer sandwiches, big leafy salads, or grilled goodies served on our luncheon plates. No picnic is complete without the sharing of some sweet delight. Whether your basket includes a lemon meringue pie or blueberry cobbler is up to you, though either would look especially yummy when served on one of our dessert plates.The large bundle also comes with our sturdy reusable flatware, cups that were made for small hands, and dinner-size napkins for dinner sized messes! (serves 8)



Large 9" Luncheon Plates (Set of 8)
Small 7" Dessert Plates (Set of 8)
Large 6.5" Luncheon Napkins (Set of 16)
9oz. Paper Cups (Set of 8)
Flatware Set of Forks, Knives and Spoons (Set of 24, 8 each)

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