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Sweet Surprise Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party Pack (Serves 8)

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As parents-to-be, no one is going to be mad at you for delivering the big news over the phone but at this point, haven't we come to expect a little more pizzazz when it comes to gender reveals? In recent years, entire power grids of creative energy have been dedicated to perfecting the art of this monumental announcement. If we've learned anything from these efforts, it's that there's no such thing as too much glitter and that pyrotechnics in the hands of professionals can really make a statement. Rest assured knowing that no matter what color you discover inside that cake, you and your loved ones will enjoy it in style when it's served up on our Sweet Surprise collection.

Our Sweet Surprise Gender Reveal Party Luncheon Napkins and Cups are dual sided in order to be flipped showing your guests' guesses for your bundle of joy. Keeping with the style of the event, have them spin their plates around and see who guesses right!  

Large 9" Luncheon Plates (Set of 8)
Small 7" Dessert Plates (Set of 8)
Large 6.5" Luncheon Napkins (Set of 16)
9 oz. Paper Cups (Set of 8)
Flatware Set of Forks, Knives and Spoons (Set of 24, 8 each)
54" x 108" Dusty Blue Table Cover 

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