Whether your celebrations include setting sail in your backyard with 8 swashbuckling scallywags or you’re the type to head out on a prehistoric adventure with a herd of pterodactyls that really know how to roar, we get you. We’re parents, too. And just like you, we love nothing more than listening to our children belly laugh and watching their faces light up with sheer joy.

 It’s important to make a big deal out of life’s little moments. To wish for a unicorn under a rainbow when you blow out your candles, and really believe you might just get one. To share one more piece of cake as you snuggle with the birthday boy, even though it’s on your “don’t you dare,” diet list. To go on deep dives with the mermaids that have transformed your pool into a magical sea that’s laden with glorious treasures.

 After all, these are the moments when our very best memories are made. And they’re why we created Hold The Balloon.

 Parents, we know you love a great party. But let’s get real: pulling all of the pieces together beforehand isn’t always pretty. You’d think it would be a simple quest to find party supplies that are as colorful and creative as your children, but most parents agree, that doesn’t happen on planet Earth.

 Until now...

 Created for parents, by parents (and still, exactly 99.999999% kid-approved), Hold The Balloon is setting the table for a new kind of party. One that invites imaginations to run wild and welcomes glittery, magical wonder because it’s nothing like the same ol’, same ol’ boring party themes you’ve seen a gazillion times.

 Simply put, in a world filled with lookalikes, we believe it’s time to party differently; and we’re on a mission to make doing so fun, easy and oh-so-memorable. Because we believe in living purposefully and making more time for love. More time for laughter. And more time to celebrate the people that matter to you most.

 Fluffy goodness aside, one thing that makes Hold The Balloon really different is our commitment to quality. Mom, our plates are made to hold everything but the kitchen sink, so go ahead, tell those little ladies and gents to load ‘em up with way too many slices of pizza. And Dad, our cups are so strong, don’t be surprised if you’re actually tempted to throw them in the dishwasher at the end of the day and use ‘em again next year. (But don’t. That’s taking things a wee bit too far, even for you, Pops.)

 Ready to earn your parent of the year award because you throw the absolute coolest parties in town? If there’s anyone that knows how to hold onto the joy of life, it’s you. This is your cue to party for no reason--and every reason, because that’s just who you are. And that’s most certainly worth celebrating.

 From Our Party To Yours,

 Dana & Sandra