Hold the Balloon was started by Pittsburghers Sandra and Dana — a married couple and parents to three active boys — who have spent the last few years thinking up ways of building better, less-stressful birthday parties. Doesn’t that sound dreamy? We think so, too.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably thrown a birthday party or two and therefore know what it’s like to run yourself ragged, running from store to store on a scavenger hunt for matching superhero plates, napkins, cups, and other festive necessities. Well, let me tell you, friends, three kids will present you with plenty of opportunities to throw birthday parties and after going through the above-mentioned scenario a couple dozen times, Dana and Sandra decided to do something about it. Thanks to their efforts, you can now get just about everything you’ll need for your bash but the cake with only a single click!

Hold the Balloon is a family business with a lot of heart. While they were still brainstorming and planning, Sandra knew she wanted to create a company that treated its customers and employees with the same care and compassion that had driven her to her former career as a hospice care coordinator. Similarly, Dana knew that he could draw from his experience as a corporate accountant to give Hold the Balloon a sturdy, professional, and dependable foundation upon which the business now stands.



Hold onto the joy. At Hold the Balloon , it’s our mission statement. We want to make it easier for you to create lasting memories with your families. We want to provide you with designs that are fun and capable of sparking the imagination. Just select the pack that’s right for your party and we’ll deliver the party supplies to your doorstep in a pretty blue box.

Our desire to always do better than the day before has brought us this far. Fulfilling that obligation means listening to our customers and we hope that you’ll continue to let us know what we’re doing right and where we should be trying a little harder. Now let’s get out there and have some fun.