The 5 Best Places to Host Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Whether this is your first rodeo or you have a few notches on your birthday belt, choosing the best place to host your child’s birthday party is always a daunting task. With so many factors—guest list, season, pricing, etc.—to consider, we know the possibilities are endless. But “endless” doesn't always mean great. To help make your next celebration a success, here are five sure bets that will never disappoint when looking for the best kids’ birthday party venues:

The 5 Best Places to Host Your Kid’s Birthday Party


Let’s talk about why this makes sense, shall we? Fresh air? Check. Playground to run off birthday cake-induced energy? Check. Typically free (or a small fee)? Check!

Choosing a local park to hunker down at for your child’s next birthday party is a fantastic option for kids celebrating during the spring, summer, and early fall months. With a completely gender-neutral setting to start from, you can easily turn a park party into an underwater mermaid’s cove or work zone for everyone in your crew. Plus, don’t forget the built-in fun courtesy of every swing, slide, and seesaw waiting to entertain. A birthday at a park is truly a mom’s go-to party hack if we’ve ever seen one.

Play Gym

While we’re on the topic of free-range fun, we would be remiss not to mention local play gyms. While most normally operate around class schedules, many gyms reserve their weekend slots for birthday celebrations—and we couldn’t be bigger fans. With all of the same perks of a park—save for the fresh air, of course—your birthday boy or girl will love rumbling and tumbling across the mats.

You can even expect instructor-led activities and special obstacles or use of equipment like cheese mats, the bars, and trampolines. Bring your group, set up the theme of choice, sit back and relax. Is it just us or does the balance beams scream a “walk the plank” pirate party, or what?


From please-touch kids' museums to science observatories to aquariums, it doesn’t get better than sneaking in a little education when they’re least expecting it. These are great places to host kids’ birthday parties that fall in the winter months so you never have to worry about postponing the big day. Most museums have rooms specifically for blowing out candles and opening gifts away from the crowds when reserved ahead of time. Plus, choosing your museum of choice could be as simple as aligning it with your theme; Science museum? How about white lab coats and juice-filled beakers. Aquarium? Well, that’s simply too easy.

Art Studio

Have a budding artist on your hands? Hooray if you do… and who cares, it’s still fun if you don’t! While moms may know the art studios for the ever popular Paint and Sip parties popping up everywhere, they shouldn’t be overlooked for the little ones either. As a bonus, you can paint a picture that goes perfectly with your theme… did someone say rainbow unicorns? We thought so.


Finally, there’s nothing wrong with going with a tried and true favorite: your backyard. Get creative, snag some inspiration from Pinterest and get to work. For practically the same reasons as the park—think free, outdoors, space to run around—you can turn every nook and cranny into the birthday celebration of your kid’s dreams without ever leaving your home (especially with our shipped-to-you BashBoxes with themed supplies and decor!)

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that everyone has fun and lasting memories are made. At Hold the Balloon, we know how hard you work every day—not just the days that involve party hats and streamers—to show your family how much you care. Let us help you make this year’s celebration a breeze from first guest to last blown out candle.