Spring Into a World of Birthday Party Ideas

When the weather starts warming up and the flowers begin to bloom, it’s safe to say that our schedules begin to come alive as well. Toss in a spring birthday party to plan for, and well, you’re smack dab in the middle of a spring break, Easter, pre-summer trifecta, friends.

spring birthday party ideas

That’s the bad news.

The good news? Springtime parties are actually perfect: not too hot, not too cold; kids are still in school to get invites to easily; no one’s away on summer vacations; and, the weather almost always obliges for the big day.

Plus, unless you were planning on an Easter egg or floral theme to tie into the season, spring is as neutral as it gets. No summer water themes or autumn pumpkin decor to adhere to.

Construction party in March? Sounds great to us. Unicorn bonanza in April? Why not. Spring birthday parties are ideal for any theme you choose.

But just like we mentioned earlier, just because it’s perfect for any theme, doesn’t mean it’s not a hectic time of the year. You need fast, easy and if you played your cards right, done-for-you celebrations from start to finish. While we can’t help you to physically set the party up, we can help provide you with all the birthday party supplies you’ll need for any theme you pick.

Take a quick look at how adorable our Hold the Balloon “party in a box” collections are: 

Each collection provides themed plates (larger ones for food and smaller ones for cake), napkins, cups, utensils and even a tablecloth—all packaged and delivered straight to your door so you can focus on the other party details.

But back to spring-themed birthday parties...

If you did want to keep the theme or activities seasonal, here are some quick go-to ideas:

At Hold the Balloon our whole mission is to make birthday parties a breeze for moms and dads because we know your whole mission is to make your child’s birthday a smashing success.

Can we just say, you are our kind of people!