Simple Tips for Planning a Child's Birthday Party

Planning your child’s birthday party doesn’t have to be stressful. With a few tips and tricks, you can easily host a party that will make memories. Before you make that cake and buy those balloons, be sure to read these simple tips for planning a child’s birthday party.

Simple Tips for Planning Your Child's Birthday Party with Printable Timeline Guidelines

One Month Ahead

One month before your child’s birthday, sit with them and decide on a birthday party theme. Choose something they aren’t likely to change their minds about in the coming weeks. Once you have established your theme, you can think of how you’d like to incorporate it into the decorations, activities, favors, and cake.

If you will be booking a venue or entertainer for the birthday party, do so at least one month in advance to ensure you get the desired times.

This is also a good time to create your birthday party guest list. Once you know how many children you will be inviting you can buy or order invitations as well. Be sure to include the party start and end time on the invitation as well as the location with directions if necessary. When planning the party time, keep in mind the ages of the children. Very young children would not do well with a party that falls over an afternoon naptime as an example.

Three Weeks Ahead

Send out invitations to the birthday party no less than three weeks ahead to allow guests plenty of time to adjust their calendars and shop for gifts.

Now is also the time to shop for decorations to match your theme so that anything ordered online can have ample time to arrive before the party. Common items to purchase are themed tableware, cups and table coverings. You may also choose balloons, streamers, and banners as well. Be sure to shop our party selection for a variety of themes.

Two Weeks Ahead

If you are ordering the cake for the birthday party, be sure to allow at least two weeks of notice to the bakery. In addition to deciding on a cake, plan out your menu for the big day. Take the children’s ages in mind when you plan. Very young children would do better with juice boxes rather than open cups as an example. Think low-mess finger foods and remember that children normally don’t eat as much as you expect during the excitement of a party.

If you will be offering your guests favors, now is the time to purchase those supplies. You can assemble them ahead of time as well to reduce your tasks in the days leading up to the party.

One Week Ahead

One week before your child’s birthday party call and confirm the venue and entertainer as well as any guests who have not yet RSVPed. Create a shopping list for your party menu and create a rough plan for the order of activities during the party.

One Day Before the Party

Grocery shop for the party one day prior to the event. Assemble any nonperishable snacks that you are able to prepare. Prepare the cake or, if you ordered a cake, call the bakery to confirm your pickup time on party day. Double check to make sure you have candles and a match or lighter on hand for party day.

Clean your home if you are hosting the birthday party and put up any decorations that won’t be disturbed ahead of time. This is also a good time to charge your camera and video camera batteries if necessary.

Day of the Party

It’s party time! Now all your care planning a child’s birthday party will pay off! Pick up the cake or any food ordered if necessary. Tie balloons or a sign to your mailbox to help guests find your location. Finish any last minute food preparation and decorating and enjoy your day!

Want a simple checklist to ensure party success? You can click here to download our free checklist to keep yourself on task!