Never Fear a Last Minute Birthday Party Again

Let’s see if this rings a bell:

For the last three months, all your little soon-to-be birthday girl could talk about was a princess party. So much so that you already have the list: tiaras, costume jewelry, non-toxic nail polish.

You, mama, were SET!

And then one trip to the beach and she’s changed her mind.

Normally you wouldn’t give in to such charades but that look on her face when she talks about mermaids… how can you not give in? We get it—those dimpled cheeks and “pwetty pweaze”s make silly putty of us, too. Before you know it, you’re trading fins for tiaras and looking for the best quick-fix under the sea celebrations you can find.

Take a deep breath… this is where we come in.

Last Minute Party Planning

With only days to go, you don’t have time to waste. But while you scroll Pinterest trying to find mermaid-inspired finger foods and treats, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your supplies are on their way.

You read that right… on their way… straight to you. No hoops to jump through. No aisles to speed walk. Heck, you don’t even have to switch out of your PJ’s, we won’t tell.

While your story may look a little different: trading dinosaurs for all things boats or switching up a unicorn party for a last minute rodeo theme. Or maybe life has just been too crazy lately and before you know it, you’re trying to plan a last minute kid’s birthday party. We’ve all been there.

But now it’s different with Hold the Balloon on your side.

Skip the shopping sprees and mismatched decor, our bash boxes will deliver EVERYTHING you need to dazzle the guests from start to finish. With plates, napkins, cups, utensils and table cloth included, you’ll be able to change the theme as often as your child pleases—though, for your sanity, we suggest a one-time party theme change allowance only.

Now with your themed birthday supplies on the way, here are a few more tips to save you from the dreaded last minute birthday party theme change fiascos:

  • Let the decorations speak for themselves and keep everything else generic. What’s this mean? While some people love matching the food and games to the theme—and heck, so do we as you can see with our Dino-Inspired Party Ideas —it can possibly set you up for disaster. Instead, choose foods that go with any theme… and most importantly, that you know kids will love.
  • For games, keep it traditional: pinatas, three-legged races, balloon tosses, etc. While these COULD be themed (if you’re sure your little one won’t switch it up last minute on you), keeping them traditional allows your guests to enjoy them as pirates, mermaids, or unicorns.
  • Send digital invites. By sending digital invites or making an event on social media, it allows you the chance to let your guests know if the theme has changed. Often guests will buy presents that align with the theme of choice; so if they see truck invites, there’s a good chance your child’s getting a big pile of Tonka’s to play with. But if the theme changes on a whim, it’s all online and easily adaptable to let your guests know without playing phone tag.

The biggest piece of advice? Just go with the flow. Sure it can be frustrating when our little ones change their minds, but remember, they’re full of excitement, curiosity and genuine joy for all of these things that bring smiles to their faces—no wonder it’s hard to choose. If it’s possible, go ahead and let them switch their birthday up last minute.

We’ll be there to help.