How to Use Technology and e-Invitations for Your Party

In our current digital age, more and more people are turning away from traditional paper invitations and using technology and e-invitations to invite guests to their events. Read on to learn more about how to use e-invitations for your party.

How to use technology and e-invitations for your party

Why Use Digital Invitations?

There are many advantages to using e-invitations for your next party. In addition to being easy to send, invitees receive their invites almost immediately, allowing for faster delivery than traditional paper invitations. E-invitations also allow guests to respond online for increased rates of RSVPs. 

Some digital invitation companies also send out automatic reminders if guests have not yet RSVPed to your event, saving you the time and hassle of tracking down those who have yet to respond. They also allow you to update your invitations and have all guests receive a notification if details change before your event.

Types of e-Invitations

While many traditionally think of e-invitations being exclusively emailed, there are actually a wide variety of digital invite options. Most people think of Evite as the go-to e-invitation website. Evite has many perks such as an extremely large variety of styles and ease of use. There are countless other options when it comes to sending online invitations however. 

For a barebones approach, Facebook offers users the option of creating events and inviting guests via their Facebook profiles. This allows guests to respond directly from their Facebook accounts and the platform will set event reminders for them as well. Some companies such as Renkoo offer options to invite guests via text and company Pingg allows party hosts to send their invites out through social media as well as email.

Online invitations company MyPunchbowl is unique in its ability to allow guests to specify if a particular time doesn’t work for them. You can assign VIP status to particular guests and MyPunchbowl will help you find a time that suits the majority of guests for your event if your timing is flexible. This feature makes MyPunchbowl a very popular option for planing casual gatherings.

How to Choose an e-Invitation

There are countless websites online that offer e-invitations. Be sure to choose one that is well-established and offers a guarantee to keep guest emails and other information private. The larger e-invitation sites will offer a variety of event planning and management tools to help you organize your guest list. They will also help you communicate with guests and handle things like gift registries and donations for charitable events. Pick a service that best aligns with your particular needs. 

No matter which e-invitation company you choose, it’s important to ensure you send your invites out with plenty of time for guests to plan.

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