3 Keys to Throwing a Dino-Rific Birthday Party

Let’s be honest, ever since the latest Jurassic World hit the theaters, it’s been all dino, all day… so you’re not surprised at all to be up late night Pinteresting “Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas” at all. You knew it was coming—and actually, you should be thrilled.

dinosaur party ideas

From dinosaur party games to dinosaur party food—and everything in between—this is one theme you can easily work with. To help bring your creative juices out of extinction, here are 3 keys to your child’s dino-tastic day:

Dino-Finger Foods

There’s almost too much you could do in terms of dinosaur themed foods, so we’re going to help you nail down the winners. When planning your party food remember to keep it easy, handheld and kid-friendly. This is not the time to try the latest recipe you found in Gourmet Cooking or on the Food Network Channel. Kids want sweet, salty and crunchy… and we’ve got you covered.

Best Snacks For Dinosaur Birthday Parties:

Dinosaur Fun

Games and activities are easy to plan with just a few dollar store items and a little creativity. For fun that will keep them busy all party long, here’s what you’ll need:

Fossil Digging:

  • A baby pool
  • Sand buckets and shovels
  • A bag of small, plastic dinosaurs

Add sand, bury the dinosaurs and let the kids dig until they’ve found the very last dino!

Pin the Tail On the Dino:


  • Picture of child’s favorite dinosaur (that has a tail, of course)
  • Attachable tails (make them yourself with common craft materials)
  • A blindfold

Take turns trying to pin the tail to the dinosaur as accurately as possible—no peeking!

Dino-Decor and Details

Finally, while you’re on the hunt for dinosaur party supplies for the food and fun, feel free to leave the decor and themed details to us. With our Cake-A-Saurus birthday collection, we can ship everything you need straight to your door, saving you time (and energy) trying to track down the perfect matching sets. From T-Rex plates to hungry herbivore napkins, we’ll help you pull your party together down to the very last detail. Simply shop, select and click to send!

Bust out your party pants and dust off your fossil kits, you’re getting ready to throw a rawr of a bash for your little one.